Who doesn’t want to faster and do his task? Everybody wants. That’s why you might trigger the speed of your car or bike whenever you are in hurry. In ancient time people went form one place to another only on foot. Cars, bikes, aeroplanes- all these are made to go faster. Well I am going to tell you something which is not being possible with our technology.

Suppose somehow you get on a photon. Let’s say a branch of photons as a photon is very small. For a moment lets forget about Einstein‘s special theory of relativity. You get on the photons now you move at the speed of light which is 300000 km/s. Now you can go anywhere on earth within a tiny fraction of a second. You can go to the moon or any nearby planets within a few seconds. People can go to Mars in 182 seconds instead of years. But you have some drawbacks also. First, if you move at the speed of light your mass will be infinite which we can find from special theory of relativity. Your body can’t withstand that much of speed and it will fall apart. Suppose you made a suit which can withstand this much of speed and you solve this problem. But how do you plan on stopping because photons never stop? Well if you jump off the photons no planet or star can stop you with it’s gravity and you’ll be wandering in outer space. Only black holes can. Another problem is suppose the mass of your body is 60 kg. At the speed of light your momentum will be 18000000 kg km/s. If you want to ground on Mars jumping off the photons this much of mometum will leave nothing of you. But who knows what our future technology will be capable of? Who thought scientists would be able to predict the past of tge universe like form where it started (big bang)? Now using Einstein’s general theory of relativity scientists can do that. May be someone great like him will be born to solve the problem. There are some more ways like teleportation, wormhole etc which a I’ll be writing in future.


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